The Montana Robe Company


We believe in delivering amazing robes while enhancing the world around us. Through recycled materials, lean manufacturing and sustainable fibers in our fabrics and threads - we’re out to lead the sustainable textile revolution. Here’s how.

Our Sustainability Pledge

We’re inspired by the mountain beauty around us. From mountain vistas to river banks we find amazingly wild beauty in the natural landscape that has come to define Montana’s grandeur. As passionate outdoor enthusiasts, we love the natural features of the world around us. That’s why we decided to take a stand, and become an advocate and business leader in the wake of social and environmental sustainability.


Our Local Impact

Ethical Production: All robes are handmade out of our shop in Belgrade, Montana using amazing seamstresses, living wages, and sweat-free conditions. We have the amazing opportunity to do work we love,creating products we’re proud of, for people who appreciate it - and are constantly reminded how lucky we are.

Sweat-Free Workshop: Whether its the result of Montana sub-zero winters, or happy air-conditioned seamstresses by summer… we’re far from a traditional “sweat-shop”. Although still a small operation supported by a handful of rock-stars, we take great pride in our positive work environment, Friday happy-hours, and strong team culture.

Lean Manufacturing: By streamlining our own operations, production and workshop resources we’re constantly tweaking operations to optimize efficiency and effectiveness in the pursuit of zero waste. By working “smarter not harder”, we’ve made strides in strengthening quality standards, while simultaneously increasing production output.

Continuous Learning: We’ve been busy rebuilding our production and operations to reduce our footprint since June 2019 and have come a long way. This initiative has involved reviewing our suppliers, designs, patterns, fabrics, energy sources, packaging, shipping, recycling, composting and carbon footprint to continuously do better - wasting less and reducing/reusing/recycling wherever possible. We’re constantly rebuilding systems and assessing better ways to do things.


Our Global Impact

We are a small company in a big world, but believe we can lead a positive change and cascading impact. How?

Supply Chain Accountability: Following Patagonia as a role model, we believe that holding ourselves accountable to our fabric sourcing can help eliminate unethical and unsustainable practices. We choose our suppliers with the same code of ethics we use in our own operations and don’t take this evaluation lightly.

Carbon Neutral Footprint: Bringing amazing fabric to Montana for production and shipping the finished robes out to you comes at a cost of carbon emissions. Thanks to the EPA, we’ve used a variety o calculators to estimate our carbon footprint and identify opportunities for us to reduce it. Additionally, we’re going to be partnering with a variety of Carbon Neutral logistics companies to help us reach our zero-waste goals.

Microfiber Pollution: Over time, the minky fleece fabrics in our robes will slowly release small polyester fibers back into our waterways, lakes and oceans. It’s sad, but true… and unfortunately something we’ve only learned since our original designs were created. Although no solutions or good-enough substitutes yet exist to transition our entire company over to these renewable fabrics, we promise to keep supporting, creating and encouraging more eco-friendly robes. Additionally, we will continue to use premium minky fleece fabrics that don’t shed as much over time and enact a robe recycling program to deconstruct robes at end of life and recycle the polyester minky fleece through the help of Ambercycle technology.

Renewable Fibers: We have partnered with some amazing fabric suppliers focused on developing, testing and creating some impressive new fabrics using more sustainable and recycled fibers. Although these fibers aren’t yet up to our quality and luxury standards for color, patterns and durability, we will continue to support their development.