The Montana Robe Company


Montana company making local luxury handmade robes. We love robes, but as we grow our company we look forward to sharing exciting milestones and developments along the way… in addition to our (and your) stories, testimonials and encounters.

We Inspire Eachother - Introducing the Femoires Podcast

I have been exceptionally fortunate to engage with some amazing people over the past year in the build of the Montana Robe Company. From fellow entrepreneurs, coaches, venture capitalists and industry experts I’ve been honored to hear their stories, experiences and opinions in better discerning the growth of the Montana Robe Company. Now, 8 months of steady growth in, I’m thrilled to share that many of these inspiring stories and conversations are about to be shared with you through my Femoires Podcast.

The Femoires podcast is a weekly podcast that shares stories of amazing women braving the world and their own fears to create something great. Through these podcasts, I’ll share my own candid, inspirational conversations with you in real time as I try to write my own Femoire (feminine memoir) - building the first women-owned textile manufacturing facility in Montana.

By sharing these conversations, experiences and lessons learned we can all commiserate with challenge, excite over opportunity and rejoice in success… together. Because after all, we inspire each other. You too can create amazing things. We’ll just share what worked for us (and more entertainingly what didn’t work for us) to inspire your own achievement.

I encourage you to follow us through iTunes, Stitcher, Castbox or wherever you get your podcasts. I’m learning everyday, and am regularly humbled by the people I listen to… but hope that someday perhaps I can be as influential and inspiring as they. Thank you as always for your ongoing support and encouragement. None of this would be possible without awesome people like you.

We likely won’t be updating this blog with Femoires updates going forward, so if you want the inside scoop on robe company shenanigans I recommend you follow the podcast. We’ll still post blogs on special (more reasearched) topics out here though. Thanks again!

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