The Montana Robe Company


Montana company making local luxury handmade robes. We love robes, but as we grow our company we look forward to sharing exciting milestones and developments along the way… in addition to our (and your) stories, testimonials and encounters.

Oh What We've Learned

We’ve come a long way in the past year.

When I started making the first robes, we lacked industrial sewing machines, bulk cutters and streamlined operations. I would reach around kids/dogs/cats to lay out pattern pieces on the floor, and pin as I went. We made great robes, but they were definitely slower and less efficient than we’ve been able to achieve with the new space.

But oh what we’ve learned. Thankfully we’ve been able to self-fund to move away from on-the-floor cutting to bulk cutting in our new space. We’ve been able to reduce production time by batching the construction of robes (sewing 10 robes at the same time, not just 1). Best of all, we’ve been able to be even more discerning of fabric suppliers to not only get even better fabric, but for a reduced cost than we were able to obtain last year. How bout that.

So, as we get more efficient and streamlined we’ve decided to pass the benefits of these production savings on to you - our beloved robe connoisseurs. As always, thank you to everyone for your love, support and encouragement. We couldn’t have done this without you and we SO appreciate all the orders and happy customers!

Jennifer Thuen