The Montana Robe Company


Montana company making local luxury handmade robes. We love robes, but as we grow our company we look forward to sharing exciting milestones and developments along the way… in addition to our (and your) stories, testimonials and encounters.

Robe Recycling Program

As the sunny days of summer start to cool, we’re heating up for our winter robe orders. With that, I would like to introduce our robe recycle program. How it works:

1.      Contact Us to let us know you have a robe to recycle

2.      We’ll email you instructions/addresses for where to send your robe

3.      Once we receive your robe, we’ll email you a special discount code for 10% off your next robe.

By sending back your robe, we’re able to recycle the polyester minky fleece to be reused in recycled polyesters, keeping it out of landfills. And… we’ll drop you the discount to be used on any of our other robes. Win win!

Jennifer Thuen