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Montana company making local luxury handmade robes. We love robes, but as we grow our company we look forward to sharing exciting milestones and developments along the way… in addition to our (and your) stories, testimonials and encounters.

Sustainability Overhaul - Part 2

We’ve made great strides in overhauling our processes to become more sustainable, but I’ve got a couple of giant updates to share! I’m beyond excited that these have come to fruition and sincerely proud of the progress we’ve made.

  1. Moral Fiber Collaboration: We’ve partnered with an amazing startup in Los Angeles to recycle our polyester cut scraps and end-of-life robe linings. The recycling of polyester fabric is revolutionary - as recycling this type of plastic hasn’t historically been an option. We’re one of only a handful of companies doing this, but from now all, all polyester scraps will be recycled as well!

  2. Local Composting Service: We’ve setup a weekly pickup to snag our cotton and organic fiber scraps. These cut scraps and end-of-life robe scraps can be chopped up and composted!

  3. Recycling Overhaul: Until recently we’ve depended on our local recycling service. Sadly, we’ve come to understand the full process of recycling and with the recent changes in Chinese recycling costs we’ve kicked our pickup service and will be doing our own recycling to hold ourselves accountable with what kinds of products/packaging we’re BUYING. By handling each item that gets recycled or trashed we’ll know what products/packaging we should avoid in the future. It’s sad to see all the plastic waste, and we’ll look forward to collaborating further in this department.

  4. Testing out Sustainable Fibers: Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been dabbling in some organic cotton, bamboo, wool and hemp. They’re pretty amazing fibers and we’ll be stoked to offer these here shortly. These robes will be designed to be 100% compostible at the end of their usefulness - by either us, or you.

  5. Tree Planting: To balance out carbon emissions used in shipping, we’re going to be planting trees. Our first Aspen tree is scheduled to be planted here in 2 weeks!

The pursuit of “zero waste” will be a long road yet, but we’re super proud of our progress. Operating a business that enhances the world around us is pretty cool, and we want to do more. Thank you for all the kind words of support and encouragement!