The Montana Robe Company


Montana company making local luxury handmade robes. We love robes, but as we grow our company we look forward to sharing exciting milestones and developments along the way… in addition to our (and your) stories, testimonials and encounters.

How These Robes Came To Be

To share our story for how these robes came to be, let’s journey back to December 2012 as we were living in Fort Bragg, NC, expecting our son’s arrival, and needing to make thoughtful Christmas gifts for our soon-to-be Grandparents. Although we were far from the rugged Montana winters we adore, I designed and made these robes for Grandparents using the same minky fleece flannel used in our son’s baby blankets. Pairing the green/blue black-watch plaid with a red minky fleece lining, these robes were designed to be both comfortable for them, and an easy addition to grand-baby time.

After distributing these robes, the feedback was super popular (as with many handmade gifts), but these were different. People didn’t just wear them once or twice out of courtesy or memory…. they wore them everyday religiously. These robes weren’t just a novelty, they were quickly integrated into part of daily routines used almost all year round (but most in the fall/spring/winter). This was great. As someone who put time, thought, attention and love into the construction of each of these 6 robes, it’s wonderful to see the value of your work appreciated. A win! But it didn’t stop there.

Fast forward 5 years later. In the mayhem of kids (2 kids 13 months apart), my intention to make a robe for myself quickly went to the “someday” pile. Instead, whenever I would wake up earlier than my husband (which was infrequent at best), I would steal his robe and savor the warmth and coziness. Then, finally as Watson entered Kindergarten this year I finally took the time to make a robe for myself. My husband was elated!

What a paradigm shift. Mornings that can be warm? You don’t have to lament getting out of bed into cold clothes? Comfortable morning and evening clothes that can go over whatever you’re wearing, or cover nothing but skin? These were all revolutionary realizations from someone who has a long history of being perpetually cold.

Obviously, I love my robe. A black and white check Big Sky Robe made out of sample fabric, this robe gets used for at least 4 hours every day. Reworking my own routines, closet and lifestyle it became clear why Grandparents were so pumped about these robes! But then I looked around at our grandparents now - all still wearing their robes daily after 6 years of washes, daily use and abuse - still loving them. These robes weren’t just amazing out of the box with their uber soft minky fleece and flannel, but they were still soft, warm and loved equally 6 years in. If these robes can make us so happy… what about everyone else? I couldn’t be alone on this chilly front.

So, I started the Montana Robe Company to allow others to share in these amazing revelations. Add in some extra touches, lessons learned, collaboration opportunities with amazing non-profits and people in the Montana area and we’re in business making and selling amazingly luxurious robes that will stand the test of time, kids, life and winters.

But like everything, these stories start somewhere. For new recipients of robes, what were your impressions and thoughts? Where did your robe story begin? Reply to this post to share your comments!

Jennifer Thuen