The Montana Robe Company


Montana company making local luxury handmade robes. We love robes, but as we grow our company we look forward to sharing exciting milestones and developments along the way… in addition to our (and your) stories, testimonials and encounters.

There are robes, and there are Robes. These are the latter.

Throughout the flurry of Christmas orders this year, one thing has become incredibly obvious. We don’t do fast fashion. We don’t “whip things together”, mass produce or drop ship. Although our process in craftsmanship has gotten faster (thanks to investment in better equipment and arrangement), each robe we make is given exclusive attention.

And we like it that way.

In fact, that’s what makes our robes amazing. A gift from us, filled with handmade grandeur, love and comfort that emulates our passion and dedication with each touch. From the first second of you touching your new robe, feeling its weight around your shoulders and warmth on your skin to the 100th wash - we are determined to make sure the Robe Hugs never wane.

Jennifer Thuen