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Montana company making local luxury handmade robes. We love robes, but as we grow our company we look forward to sharing exciting milestones and developments along the way… in addition to our (and your) stories, testimonials and encounters.

Savor Today - Right now, right here. Go.

The world is full of hardship - even in developed countries. Although we may have our basic needs met for the time being… there’s plenty of other stressers that weigh into our lives. For many of us, as the year comes to a close, we’ve encountered a variety of big challenges that have sculpted our own well-being. For me most recently, was the death of our 8-year old great dane Lena. My friend, confidant and soul mate through Adams’ deployments, little kids and 8 total different moves… Lena was my girl. And as of Thanksgiving when she passed away suddenly, we’ve been forced into realizing a bit more of our own reality.

Lena was a great friend for 8 years. But if we live to be 90 (a pretty good goal I think), then we really only have 7 Lena-life-spans left. Until we die. Gone. Game over. Done. Thanks for playing.

It’s a morose thought, and nobody likes to think about their own (or worse their spouses’ or kids’) mortality, but turns out - unless your a cyborg internalizing this post, you’re human. And that’s just what happens.

For me - it’s OK. I know life is finite and we need to enjoy each day - in whatever joy, frustration or challenge it brings knowing that TODAY will never be back. Today will never happen again, and the situations, conversations, engagements and challenges you have today… will never be repeated.

So enjoy today. In whatever “fashion” it brings. Enjoy today because you’re here, reading this post and alive. Be alive, be comfortable and enjoy today as you have it.

If that involves a Montana Robe - outstanding. But enjoy today regardless. Thank you for all of my wonderful supporters who help me to do this - remembering what’s important, and prioritizing this over all else. Thank you!

Jennifer Thuen