The Montana Robe Company

Robe Recycling

Even the greatest robes need to be replaced eventually. When that day comes, we can recycle your robe and give you a discount on your next robe.

Robe Recycling - Keeping Montana Beautiful


Even the greatest robes need to be replaced…

Although we go to great distances to make amazing robes that don’t need to be replaced frequently, the day will inevitably come where your robe needs to be retired. Instead of unceremoniously tossing your robe in the trash can to add to landfill challenges, return your robe to us and we’ll disassemble the robe and recycle the fibers for reuse in future textiles.

In return, we’ll send you a 10% discount to apply to your next robe - so the Montana legacy lives on. Here’s how it works.

  1. Contact Us and we’ll send you a shipping label to send your robe back to our shop.

  2. Once received, we’ll email you a one-time 10% discount to use on your next robe purchase.

How do we Recycle a robe?

  1. Dis-assemble the polyester minky fleece and cotton flannel

  2. Ship minky fleece scraps to Amber Cycle to be remade into new polyester textile fibers

  3. Reuse cotton and hemp scraps as cleaning cloths until no longer usable… then we’ll compost.


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