The Montana Robe Company

How They're Made

Montana company making local luxury handmade robes. We don’t just make robes, we handmade premium luxury robes from our workshop in Belgrade, Montana. See how our robes are made - from premium luxury fabric selection to fine-detail construction.

How Your Robe Is Made

This is where it all began - in our guest room. Then we kicked out the guest bed, shifted rooms and the Montana Robe Company took over. As it stands today, the Montana Robe Company is a one-woman, one-room shop lined with flannel and fleece. The hums of sewing machines and voices of passing kids breathe happiness into our room, and robes. This, is the Montana Robe Company. The day will come when we need to expand out, but for now - this is our maker-space and inspiration.


Our Fabrics

We’re fabric snobs. We expect a lot from the fabrics we use, and don’t settle for fabrics that will diminish over time. If you’re going to buy a robe, we’re going to ensure its the best possible products for you - and that starts with great fabric. Challenge is, great fabric also isn’t cheap. But it’s worth it. You can feel the difference before 1 wash, and after 100 washes. These are our favorite and most lasting combinations, and consequently the ones we are most excited to offer to you.

Our cotton flannel plaids are made of 100% cotton flannel. All cottons are pre-washed in hot water to avoid shrinking. The minky fleece fabrics are 100% polyester. All robes are machine washable on cold, and blankets we recommend dry-cleaning.

The Final Touch

Giving the gift of warmth, the Montana Way

Who doesn’t love a present?

Every robe we make gets wrapped... because let's be honest - who doesn't love a present? We wrap every robe and blanket in a brown box with a black satin ribbon and tags. Then, we include a signature handmade card for your selected occasion (including your inscription if you so choose). Pair that with our free FedEx ground shipping and now your gift is as good as ready.

Love at First Touch

Love at First Touch

There's something about these robes that inspires love at first touch. Between the softness of the fabric, weight of the robe, warmth and coziness of its fit... something magical happens when you first touch these robes. That's part of our guarantee. If you don't love your robe at first touch, we're happy to work with you to facilitate a return, replacement or repair.